Friday, September 3, 2010

What's killing radio? The attack of the pod people.

If there were a wager I could bet on in Vegas, I'd put my money on the potential that radio as we know it will be nothing like we know it now in 10 years. Maybe sooner.

Technology is grabbing terrestrial radio by the throat and holding it under the ipod, iphone, droid-filled water.

Own one of these devices and the world is in your back pocket, literally.

The technology is good, and it's only going to get better.

And the technology has created a whole new generation of program directors.

Pandora. Stitcher. Itunes. I Heart Radio. The list of locations is becoming extensive, and every new source provides a wealth of free content, much of which is timely, relevant, mutable, interesting.

I love it.

Today, I listened to my favorite podcast, then listened to what Rachel and Keith had to say. I took a break from chatter and put the hundreds of songs that are in my magical iphone 4 on shuffle.

And it was all commercial free.

That's the best part.

I've read a bit about why some folks think that radio is on life support. Decreased advertising revenue. The economy. Consolidation. And then there's technology.

I'm loving the technology.

So much to access, just a touch away. Anything I want, commercial free.

I can stream my favorite local radio station, too. But it's more out of a slight desire to occasionally listen to music that's relevant to my community.

I'm traitor, I guess. But I have the technology, and I'm using it to to its fullest potential.

Sorry, radio. I've become one of the pod people.

Because when it comes to what I want, commercial-free, it's all right here, in the palm of my hand.

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