Friday, April 22, 2011

Taking a peek at happy.

I've been happy lately. Content. And I have no idea why.

April will spin into May, which will twist into summer.

The next few months will prove to be interesting, on so many levels.

Connor turns 18.

That's just crazy.

There's no freaking way he's going to be 18 in May! In my mind's eye, it was a heartbeat ago when he rounded the corner from the living room into the kitchen on those early mornings that started way too early. He'd toddle close to me, he'd stretch out his arms, simply wanting to be held while I watched the news and drank my coffee.

He's graduating from high school next month.

He's going to Tennessee at the end of May; a Bonus Round after his Destination ImagiNation team won its state competition.

After that, he's going to college.

Logan's getting his driving permit.

He's going to the Summer Enrichment Program at UNC again this year.

Where do I fit into these big plans?

Primarily, I get to revel in their accomplishments; I get to be several shades of Proud.

Then, I open my wallet.

I could completely freak out about how I'll make this next few months happen.

But for some reason, I'm completely at ease.

I'm beginning to understand that worry has no place in my life. Everything always seems to work.

Am I being delusional? Overly optimistic?


Sure, I could worry about how I'll leap through these daunting hoops that are eagerly awaiting my awkward jumping.

I simply have no room for worry right now.

In fact, I'm happy. I'm content.

So I'm riding the wave of this strata of happy. Maybe my calm comes from knowing that Cents and Sensibility is just around the corner (

Despite the smoothness I'm feeling when it comes to brushing up against the ruddy complexion of these next few months, my happy place is rivaled by that of the Danes.

According to, who partnered with a bunch of other smarty-pants happiogrophers, the Danes win, hands-down, when it comes to happy.

After the Danes, there are the Swedes. And the Canadians. Then there's Australia. And Finland. Then there's Venezuela, despite Chavez. Then Israel. Regardless of its crappy conflicts. Then New Zealand. Those folks are apparently happier than we are. As are the folks in the Netherlands. And Ireland. Then there's Panama.

And then there we are. The United States, according to Gallup, the Legatum Institute and, we're 12th when it comes to happy.

If you access this Forbes article, you'll read that we scored 62nd when it comes to feeling "well rested".


And, interestingly, the happiest countries are "borderline socialist states, with generous welfare benefits and lots of redistribution of wealth. Yet they don't let that socialism cross the line into autocracy."

That's talking. Not me.

I'm just saying...

We can learn from people who live far away. How to be happy. How to prioritize.

We see our worlds, our spinning, like we're the only people who are trying to keep the pace.

We can learn from the rhythm of people who don't dance like we do, all flailing and fast.

I have no idea why I'm so calm lately. I should be spinning.

Reference my "To Do" list.

But it always gets done. All of it.

I feel Danish lately.



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  1. Mary, I thought you were Danish already or at least some sort of Scandinavian, right? Then again, one doesn't need any sort of license to be happy, right?