Monday, August 1, 2011

This season's last Peasants Feast: Celebrating beginnings and endings.

Even though we could have gone a few more weeks, tonight was this summer's last Peasants Feast.

And we went out with a subtle, interesting bang.

For those of you who are new to the concept, Peasants Feasts are somewhat like a pot luck, with the added twist of a food theme. I came up with some good themes this year, if I must say. You can read about those extravaganzas in previous blogs. I especially enjoyed the holiday-themed Feast.

But tonight's theme was about beginnings and endings. Starts and finishes.


Here's a partial list of beginnings and endings that have taken place around here lately (in no particular order of importance):

The last Harry Potter movie was released (that's a big deal around here). Logan got his driver's permit. Connor graduated from high school. He's starting college in a couple of weeks. My relationship ended. The kitchen has a new coat of paint. After four years, Logan's most likely done with his smarty pants summer camp in lieu of other pursuits. I started Cents and Sensibility June 1 (check out the June blog entries). We've all integrated elements of that project into our worlds, so I guess it's not really finished. I started writing some summer fiction, and it's so much fun. I've met some new people. We got rid of cable. Peasants Feast is over until next summer.

I could go on and on about change. Everybody could make a long list, considering the only thing constant is change.

But what did I ask people to bring tonight, you ask?

In celebration of the fact that life is unpredictable and constantly changing, people brought whatever they wanted. Assert some control in an uncontrollable world, I say.

So tonight's dinner was unpredictable. Kind of like life.

And tonight's Feast had a life of its own.

First course: the heat, drizzled with the threat of rain.

No such luck. It was hot on the back porch, with a generous dusting of bugs.

But there was the refreshing sugar wall. There was mobility. Some people stayed at the house after dinner, some groups took walks around the neighborhood.

No rules.

It was a lovely evening. And once we'd all settled in, I asked the group who eventually landed on the back porch about their beginnings and endings. Recent change.

There was change that came from moving, literally, from one house to another. There were job changes. Potential beginnings, tangible endings.

There was spiritual change. That was an interesting conversation.

More than one of us was experiencing the tangible, heart-struck-crazy finish line that's crossed when a child grows up and moves away.

There were happy milestones and trying hardships all around the table.

Beginnings and endings are everywhere.

I could talk about the food at tonight's last Feast. The chicken pot pie casserole. The mango salsa. The fantastic cheeses. The pie.

But tonight wasn't really about feasting on food. It was about enjoying each other's company.

That's so much more delicious.

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