Sunday, May 23, 2010

Changing my crabby-pants ways.

So I've been kind of crabby lately.

It's not like I haven't recognized it.

And I think I can attribute my recent crabbitude to this time of year, to the end of the school year, to all the directions I'm required to be yanked.

I think the crabby phase is drawing to its conclusion, thank god.

The school year is over. There's no need to ask the 'do you have homework?' question for a few months. I won't be expected to write any checks to anyone's school for any particular reason.

I know it's temporary. I'll have a kid who will be a senior in high school next year.

So the checkbook will gently close until mid-August, and it will abruptly widen once school starts again.

I'm grateful for this respite.

School and its accumulation of needs, in terms of time, money and attention, is over.

And so I'm less crabby because of that closure, in part.

It's like a deflation. Like a balloon is slowly being drained of what makes it float. And I'm grateful for the remnant, left on the sidewalk to be swept away, until it's inflated again a few months from now.

And it's turning into summer. A relaxed time, when I take full advantage of every morning I can sleep in. To capture relaxation like a firefly under a glass.

So temporal.

I'm sure my stress level will increase, but it's ebbed this past week.

I'm grateful. Because I don't like the crabby Mary.

She'll most likely emerge in a few months. Let's hope her invitation to Crabbyland gets lost in the mail.

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