Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stop that laughing and get back to work.

That's probably what some of my co-workers were thinking today, because Angel came up with a few more questions that broke the wall of tedium and repetition.

It started with the way she prefaced her questions.

She said that she'd woken up about 3.30 am, and one of the following questions was the first thing she thought of upon waking.

If you had to choose between a constantly dripping nose or uncontrollable gas, which would you choose?

Here's another one.

If you had to choose between having a constantly exposed butt crack or chronic halitosis, which would you pick?

And the last one. If you had to have one leg shorter than the other or a unibrow you could never wax or pluck, which would you endure?

Stray away briefly from the freakishly large and ever-expanding oil spill and how it will affect your All You Can Eat Shrimp consumption at Red Lobster. Stop signing up for the many petitions against what's going on in Arizona.

I'd love to know what folks think about these three riveting questions.

As for me, here's how I roll.

Question 1: I'd prefer the constantly dripping nose. Nothing says 'no, thanks' on so many levels than uncontrollable gas.

Question 2: That would be the butt, Bob. Chronic halitosis implies so many limits, both socially and professionally.

Question 3 is interesting. I'd opt for the shorter leg. There are clunky and questionably fashionable shoes that would accommodate for the shortcomings of one's limbs. The unibrow may have worked for Frida Kahlo, but I don't think it's a refreshing look for me.

I asked Mr. Fabulous this series of questions today, and he answered questions one and two just like I did. But he'd prefer the unibrow to the shorter leg.

And he asked so many questions in the process of making these decisions, as if the questions were real and possible. He especially had issues with question 3.

'How much shorter is one leg than the other?' he queried.

I offered up an arbitrary four inches. And still he opted for the unibrow.

Go figure.

These questions are completely improbable, and so interesting. Not only because of what you realize you'd do, but because of the logic other people use in the process of choosing completely illogical outcomes.

It's good to get away sometimes vis a vis silly questions asked and answered.

Getting away from the tedium of work or the crazy craziness of reality is sometimes just a question away.

1 comment:

  1. Just to weigh it...
    drippy nose (though the volume of the drip may be a deal breaker)
    halitosis (for sure)
    unibrow (at least you can pretend it is intentional)

    Have a good week.