Thursday, April 29, 2010

PC or Mac? Apples or oranges?

My first computer was a Mac, back a jillion years ago when the screen was the size of a large cat's head, if the cat's head were square.

I loved my Mac. Even back in the '80s, when our expectations were low and our learning curve was steep, Macs were intuitive.

I'm sure many interesting books have been written about the rise and fall and rise of Apple, and far be it from me to attempt to put a cogent spin on the history of Apple and Microsoft. I just know what I like.

As you can see from this lovely photo of my messy desk, I use both platforms.

The Mac on the left was used when I received it a few years ago. The box it sits on is simply an added power source; it's not the hard drive. That's the bulb-like part under the screen.

And this computer works great.

It's never crashed, it's never needed maintenance. It does need a bit more memory, which Mr. Fabulous will be installing at some point. He's a smarty when it comes to Apple products.

His Mactelligence speaks not only to his crisp, fresh Apple sensibilities, but to the user-friendly nature of Apple products.

Mr. Fab is totally unfamiliar with Microsoft. He's always been an Apple man.

But there are some of us who use both. I use the Dell on the right in the photo for my job, and I've had my share of PCs and laptops that have proven to be craptops.

And the jury's in. I'd bite on an Apple product any day of the week.

Why, you ask?

Macs rarely crash.

I never get pop-ups on my Mac.

I don't get a lot of junk mail.

I like how those crazy chip head geniuses at Apple stores are bound and determined to make me happy.

I never get those foul messages telling me my security's been breached, and although there's not an app for that, I can buy more security. Kind of like paying the bully at school for protection from bigger bullies.

When I turn on my Mac, my programs appear immediately. No booting up. Poof, it's immediate.

There are so many other benefits, it's impossible to list them all.

And the benefits of Microsoft products?

They're cheaper.

I'm sure there are a few more advantages, but it's true that comparing an Apple to a PC is like, oh, comparing apples to oranges. Apple is fresh for years and years; PCs  seem to have been designed with a very limited shelf life.

My Apple lovefest is clear. I'm definitely no computer box genius. I just know what I like.

And when given the choice, I pick an Apple.

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