Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Light, illuminated

So I do have more to say about ARC. About the Pecos store and Shelly, who's so very cool on so very many levels.

But tonight I'm taking a break and showing you this cool shadow.

It's the view I saw when I was laying in my bed the other night.

Sometimes shadows can be illuminating, don't you think?

I rearranged my light sources recently. I’m not the least bit the fan of overhead lighting, so my house is peppered with an odd accumulation of lamps. Lamps create shadows. And a new (to me) lamp found its way to my bedroom, under the very cool non-functional chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

I love the chandelier. I found it at Goodwill, and I’ve featured it in a past blog. The main part of the chandelier is made of heavy cast iron, and the very detailed flowers are made of delicate, hand painted ceramic. I have no clue where the chandelier came from, who made it, what it’s worth. It’s one of the rare items I’ve found that’s simply priceless.

So back to my point.

I rearranged the lighting in my bedroom, and in doing so, this beautiful shadow is now cast once the sun goes down.

I don’t consider myself easily manipulated. I took way too many philosophy classes in college, and logic has a fond place in my world.

Despite the functional nature of light, there’s something about the inherent beauty light can cast that defies all logic. It’s just beautiful, in and of itself.

Light has a function. When it’s dark, lamps have a function.

Of course there are moments when function has a function. 

And there are other times when pure appreciation of lack of function is worthy of appreciation. Look at the shadows that this piece throws.

Sometimes things that were designed for a particular function don’t deliver what was originally intended.

Sometimes the most illuminating elements in life don’t throw any light at all.

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