Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Um, I think there's a little something on your chin....

So these are a few fun finds from this past weekend at the bins.

These were fabric samples from a high-end fabric store. Each was found with a heavy cardboard tag stapled to it, stating its fabric content, cute kitschy name and country of origin.

In these troubled times, someone who once owned a fabric or interior design store was divesting themselves of their fabric samples, to my benefit.

These little bits of fabric heaven not only completely spice up my table when we have company, but using cloth napkins instead of paper napkins does wonders to cleaning up our landfills just a bit, too.

So next time you come by for dinner, please choose from our vast selection of unique and fine cloth napkins, won't you?

By the way - the bajillion squares of classy-ass fabric I got the other day cost me about 50 cents.

And I'm not even showing all the cool fabric samples that weighed as much as a baby sparrow, or whatever other very light thing you can think of. I'll use those other pieces for crazy art projects.

So I'm doing two things at once, by using these coolio fabric swatches to swab the whatever off my chin after dinner. I'm making a bold, individual and crazy fabulous statement that screams in an ever-so subtle way that nothing needs to match, while using richly fashioned fabrics that are the very best napkin ever, and I'm not tossing a crusty bit of my paper napkin dinner spoo into the trash.

Wait ... that's more than two things....


  1. Ah! Have you ever eaten at Lucille's? They only use napkins made from old fabric swatches and stuff. Which is pretty cool for a restaurant, and I love that no two are the same.

  2. Never have! Where is it - Boulder? Must go! Must go!

  3. So cool Mary! We have the same philosophy and that has flowed into our dishes also. Thrift store plates are the best... especially the old USA or Japan ones. Love to sit at dinner with a unique plate at each place!

  4. Oh, and I forgot! We do the same thing with wine glasses, thanks to my friend Angel's idea! Lots of mismatched thrift store wine glasses means everyone just has to remember which cool one they picked, and voila!