Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shake & ache

As I mentioned in past blogs, I used to be an addict. To Jazzercise.

Then kids, distraction, and alternate forms of exercise that were free (i.e., walking) ruled my world.

I'm no mathematician, but I did a little addition and subtraction in my head yesterday, and my previous Jazzeraddiction took place approximately 15 years ago. That would have put me somewhere in my early 30s.
Back then, I had lots of energy, and I knew all the moves. I knew all the jazzy steps - the grapevine, the kick ball change, all that stuff. And I knew the routines, too.

Fast forward 15 years and I'm in my late 40s. Like most people my age, we generally resemble sleep-deprived versions of our younger selves.

My older self feels the jazzerexperience differently. Now I kind of feel like this when I'm done shakin' it for an hour.

Things that didn't hurt back then definitely hurt today. Especially today, because I got my Jazzergroove on yesterday.

So I'm achy today. Which just means I need to climb back on that Jazzerhorse, even if it hurts.

It feels good to get kinetic, and pay some much needed attention to the Back 40.

Sometimes there's pleasure in pain.

Short bloggy blog today. Going to the bins with my sister later, and we may go see Hot Tub Time Machine. I told my kids I was thinking of seeing that movie, and they scoffed at the idea - they think it looks stupid.

I think it looks stupid too. But sometimes stupid is good. Kind of like the relentless Pokemon phase I had to tolerate when my kids were actually kids.

So exercise is higher up on my priority list.

As is wasting time watching a stupid movie.

At least today.

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