Friday, April 23, 2010

Mixed media

In honor of Earth Day, I signed up to have my trash company take away the stuff we generate that can be recycled.

In the past, we tossed egg cartons, junk mail and the like in the regular trash. But as of now, all kinds of stuff will be put in this lovely container, in addition to what we're accustomed to recycling.

I'm astounded at how easy it is, and at how much of my trash can be recycled. All kinds of plastic, glass, paper, containers, so much more.

And we don't have to separate anything. We can toss it all in one container.

How easy is that?

So I'm anticipating that, between the composter and the crazy-cool amount of stuff our trash company will take away to be recycled, our messy trashy footprint will look more like a toddler's shoe than a worker's boot.

It's so easy, especially when recycling requires no separating.

Just like electricity and airplane flight, I have no idea how those recycling smarties turn my amalgam of trash into new, cool stuff.

I'll leave the details, and the trash I'll call mixed media, up to them.

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