Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My garbage is lonely....

So as you may know, I've recently committed myself and those who spin around me to recycle our stuff.

It's been so easy! It takes so little to create a new adaptation, and now we've all become accustomed to tossing the majority of our crap into the recycling bin.

Adding the recycling component to my trash collection costs just a buck or two more each billing cycle, and I'd assume the trash collecting company ultimately profits if it takes my discards somewhere and converts it into cash.

But I don't care. Because as I mentioned, recycling is so very easy.

What's not so easy is finding containers to fit all the crap we generate that's recyclable.

So instead of filling my weary trash cans with trash, I've now relegated my trash cans into recycling vehicles.

It's made my regular trash kind of lonely.
This is what my clan created that can be recycled. Granted, it was accumulated over a 2-week time span. The garbage company picks up recyclable matter every other week. But what's notable is that we generated two very crammed trash cans, one full-to-bursting bin and a red plastic vacuum cleaner thing over the course of two weeks.

It's amazing, how fast we used so much that can ultimately be morphed into other things.

And as I've mentioned before, it's so easy. Especially when the trash collecting company doesn't require separation. It's just a list we follow, and our list includes almost everything we use every day.

So this recycling has made my regular garbage somewhat lonely, filled with rank, discarded garbage ennui.

Scroll back to what we recycled over a 2-week span. And this forelorn trash can - which isn't even full, I might add - is the non-recyclable trash we created in a week.

I hate to anthropomorphize my trash. I decline when it comes to giving this recycling thing more credit than it deserves.

But if just a fraction of what we're sending along to be recycled actually becomes something else or doesn't wind up all filled with loneliness in a landfill somewhere, I think I've done our crazy mixed-up planet a bit of a service.

I encourage you to give it a try.

It's very easy. And if it's all about how it makes you feel, take it from me.

It feels pretty good.


  1. Do you compost? I don't, but find it disturbing to put food scraps in the trash or down the disposal when they could be doing good out in the garden. Will have to consider . . .

  2. I do compost! It's such a good thing, the composting. I have one of those composters that needs to be spinned about, and it gotten a bit heavy-laden. But yes, we do actively compost, which definitely affects how much trash we produce. Such an easy way to make so many things better, primarily my garden!

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