Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tabula rasa

Yes, I know I've featured this non-functional lamp in past blogs. But this morning, when the sun was streaming through my stained glass window, this beautiful shadow and light display that found its way onto my bedroom wall struck me to my very essence. What a great way to wake up.

Almost every day when I wake up, I have an optimistic list of things I want to accomplish. Sometimes I make a list. Sometimes I try to achieve my goals without the tactile comfort I get by writing things down. And now I have a new organizational tool that's completes the triad of cheap, cool and conspicuous. I got it at the bins the other day for two bucks.
It's a totally cool chalkboard! I wiped off all the data I've jotted down in an attempt to create the illusion that I run a tidy ship. But since I took this picture, I've made note of an upcoming dental appointment, a few things we need at the store and several blog topic ideas.

Which leads me to the blog. Between working at my regular job, writing a weekly Salon piece, thrifting, selling my wares, wrapping, and doing a crap-ton of summer socializing, the blog's been taking a back seat.

I know there is most likely no one whose heart has been broken into teeny sullen melancholy bits of ennui-laden crumbles because my blog production level has taken a bit of a summer haitus. But I've missed doing the blogging.

So I'm going to gather up all the ideas I've scribbled on little bits of paper and make the chalk dust fly.

Tomorrow's just another blank slate waiting for a piece of chalk.

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