Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mr. Coffee is a bad, bad man.

I know it's shocking, but I've purchased a few coffee makers at thrift stores, and until last time, I've had nothing but positive experiences. Last time, I got my thrifty pot home and it didn't work.

I'd been burned.

So I reluctantly decided to go to the dark side.

Retail. Because my daily coffee experience is just that important to me.

I bought the cheapest Mr. Coffee model that was available, which set me back $30. This was uncharacteristic, because most of my previous coffee makers had served me well for an initial outlay of $10 or less.

But I deserved it, and Mr. Coffee promised so much.

It wasn't long before Mr. Coffee and I began having problems. There were mornings when I'd get up after having pre-set Mr. Coffee's fancy alarm and I'd find steaming pools of hot coffee beverage all over the kitchen counter.

There were other times when I'd trust Mr. Coffee's attractive no-drip feature which allowed me to pour a cup whenever I wanted in the brewing process, because Mr. Coffee cared so much about my needs.

One too many times, I'd pull the pot out of its warm resting place and would fall victim to a continuing stream of coffee, which pooled and sizzled on the burner surface.

Yesterday morning was the last straw. I'd set things up the night before. The alarm was set, the coffee had been ground, the water had been added. And yet, when I woke up and robotically drifted, bleary-eyed, into the kitchen, I got nothing.

Mr. Coffee wasn't there for me. Again.

Until I turned Mr. Coffee off and on again, and jiggled the handle. Then Mr. Coffee decided to produce.

I'm forgiving, but I have my limits.

So yesterday afternoon, I headed over to Goodwill, looking for something better than what Mr. Coffee was giving me.

Sometimes we get used to what we have, and simply accommodate for obvious weaknesses. But everyone has a tipping point. And once it's been reached, there's no turning back.

Invariably, the quiet discomfort of compromise compels a person to look around, and it's usually stunning when bigger, better, more attractive options can be found without hardly even trying.

Such was the case yesterday afternoon, when I found this super-cool Hamilton Beach 12-cup BrewStation at Goodwill. You'll notice that it doesn't have a carafe, which is probably why it was 6.99. The folks who priced it probably thought it was missing something.

But it's not! This efficient and attractive model provides my steaming morning beverage in a dispenser-like fashion. I simply press my cup next to the recessed area, and it's swiftly and efficiently filled with hot, delicious coffee.

I did a bit of research, and my new coffee friend retails for $60. I bought it for the price of a venti Starbucks and a scone.

My needs are met.

So Mr. Coffee and I are parting ways. Next stop for Mr. Coffee: Goodwill. I'll let that unsavory piece of my history become someone else's problem.

Because I've decided to turn my attention to relaxing every morning on Hamilton Beach.

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