Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time is on my side. Getting back to bloggy basics.

I haven't written for a while, and I'd convinced myself it was because I didn't have any time.

Then I realized that was a bunch of crap.

I'd written every day in June. The Cents and Sensibility project showed me the value of money, and time. Or so I thought.

I've almost finished my fiction project (which began July 5, if you want to start from its beginning), and I'm sincerely enjoying the characters I've created.

But then I stopped.

Partially, I stopped because life has provided so many shiny distractions.

I also stopped because I was overwhelmed.

I had the fiction, and it's been fun. I've also been collecting ideas that are true to the nature of this site, and they've been written hastily on my chalkboard, entered into the Notes section of my iPhone, scrawled on random bits of paper.

Like a hoarder who's faced with a room filled with clutter, I did what most people would do.

I moved into another room, filled with less obstacles.

So like mess to a hoarder, I'd convinced myself I had no time to put things away.

But then I remembered that I like doing this. A lot.

So here's the deal. I'm continuing the fiction, but not in this context. If you want an update, email me (mnb504@aol.com).

I'll be going back to the initial intention of this space, and I have lots of material.

It was exciting today, like opening a present, just thinking about all the topics I've put on the I'll-Do-That-When-I-Have-More-Time shelf.

Because lately I realized that I'm the only one who creates this idea that I don't have any time. Discretionary time, like discretionary income, is by its very discretionary nature my choice. I can carve my free time into any succulent dish I wish to consume.

So get ready for some content, because I have some stuff to say. The scraps of paper, the electronic notes-to-self, the ideas scrawled randomly for future exploration have been put in one place.

I'm getting back to basics.

Because, like my otter pop wall that was so novel and distracting and colorful earlier this summer, I've gained some clarity lately.

Like returning home after a long trip to find that everything's as you left it, it's nice to be back.

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  1. Clarity! Always in the equation, like H2O, but more difficult to taste.
    Sheeeeeeeee's baaaack!