Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Regal day.

A morning with my Anne, an afternoon with Shawn. A beautiful day.

Anne and I chatted at my house. Shawn and I had lunch at our regular place, Pasquini's, and after a lovely catch-up-chat, we did a bit of thrifting. Shawn was looking for a dress. I was looking for anything.

First stop after lunch: ARC on Broadway. Neither of us found anything.

Then we headed to a very cool little store I'd never been to before - Regal Vintage - down the street on Broadway. The owner/designer, James, is an interesting man. Most likely in his early 30s, he's found his ken. What other job can you have while sporting a plate-sized flower on your shirt, multiple piercings and a goatee accented with colorful beads?

His store is very cool, stuffed to bursting with vintage clothes and retro items. I found a Lane end table that would completely match the 1960s Lane swing-out coffee table that Mr. Fabulous and I found at the Highland Ranch Goodwill for $20 (we found the exact same table at a store in Portland for $625). I didn't buy the end table, but did purchase a fabulous chair for 40 bones. It's from the '50s - very cool upholstery, accented on the arms and base with lines of wood. I love it. Mr. Fabulous and I are picking it up tomorrow.

The new-to-me chair is replacing a piece that my dumbass dog Einstein chewed beyond recognition. Over the course of his 4-year life, he's consumed three sofas, a gross of pens and many pair of shoes. Einstein is so unlike his namesake, and frankly, he's lucky to be alive.

I think he's through his chewing stage, though. I fully intend to place a spiky item on my new chair so that Einstein's not provoked to chew in my absence.

I want my chair to stay safe. Because I'll always think of this day when I glance at the chair, and I'm convicted that it will retain its coolness, sans Einstein chew.

I love my friends. Time with Anne and Shawn were the complete takeaway from this day. And every time I sit in my new-to-me chair, I'll think of where I found it and who I was with. My lovely friend Shawn.

I like referencing the items in my house with the event, the place or the person I was with when I found it. I wonder if that association is common with folks who get their stuff at Kohls or Target.

You may remember, but did you have such a memorable sales associate? I don't think so.

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