Friday, January 29, 2010

Some days are diamonds.

There are some days when I'm just not into it.

Today I took a day off from the thrifting. I went to my regular job, though.

The days when I'm not interested in looking at thrift somewhat correspond with when I'm not feeling that engaged in much of anything.

The facts:

Got up at 3.45 am. That, in and of itself, isn't the recipe for a stellar, energy-filled day. I did the math, and I slept as long as I normally sleep - I just went to bed earlier than normal last night.

I worked at my real job, got home in time to see the kids off as they went to their dad's for the weekend, welcomed my man, went to dinner. Then he and I spent the equivalent of 1.25 months' worth of netflix movies watching the interminable, manipualtive, self-indulgent, gratuitous and very long It's Complicated.

It just may have been my mood. I should have liked that movie. There were a few scenes that had merit, and the movie had a freaking stellar cast. It just wasn't my style.

But this blog isn't about movie reviews. It's about thrifting. Just like going to movies, some days you're receptive, and you find good stuff in what you see. And there are days like today, when I just wasn't into it; the thrifting, the search, the hunt, the mystery.

Some days, you just want the good stuff handed to you.

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