Saturday, February 26, 2011

Everything old is new again. Regal Vintage rocks the house.

Come with me, won't you?

Let's take a trip back in time to Regal Vintage.

Like Shangri-La or Brigadoon, Regal Vintage is conspicuously inconspicuous from the outside looking in. But open the door to Regal Vintage and you're transported into a world of retro-cool fashionista possibility.

Let's be honest. Artifacts from the past bring no joie to the vivre without imagination and appreciation. Regal Vintage king James and knight Stephen breathe new life into classic couture. It's apparent the minute you step into the store that you've wandered into a fashion flashback goldmine.

James (the chap on the left) caught the vintage bug when he was very young. Fast forward a decade or two, and he's right where he's most comfortable; kneading new creations out of items from the past, pouring his creativity into designing and refashioning classic pieces into interesting new looks.

Stephen is just as passionate about the value of the past. He holds court as manager and co-conspirator at Regal. Even cooler than the merch is the fact that James and Stephen get it on so many levels.

They see the value, ease and beauty of recycling. Of course you can see the inventory itself as a sparkly, haute homage to seeing the beauty in items that are pre-owned, and the royalty at Regal goes a few steps further.

Everything's recycled at Regal. Even the tags have been used before.

Browse through the rounders and racks and you'll see tags made of candy containers, pizza boxes, so much more.

And what about the merch?

Now's when it's about the photos.

It's the peace and smiley.

Or maybe you're looking to update your look with something unique from the past.

Lots of stuff from which to pick, nicely categorized by decade.

And there's more. Home furnishings, knick-knacks, jewelry, and a bit of an alcove filled with stuff for the kinder.

Lots of hats, too.

And the best men's department.

But my favorite thing at Regal is way in the back.

It looks kind of afterthoughtish.

And I hope James and Stephen don't get pissed if I intend to replicate it this summer.

The perfect summer complement to my coolio back porch will be the super-cheap and ultra-cool Otter Pop idea.

I can't wait to try this idea at home.

Here's another angle. It's so refreshing!

There's so much more to be revealed at Regal. I'd simply suggest to drop by, if you're in or around Denver any time soon.

The kings of retro cool are open somewhere around 11:15 most days of the week. Head down Broadway. 1866 S. Broadway, if you want to get specific.

You'll be transported into a portal of cool.


  1. True, that! So much more that I didn't have a chance to chat about! For instance, if you buy something at Regal, you can wear it until you're done, then resell it back to them. How many stores can you say that about? Such a great idea!