Monday, July 4, 2011

Beautiful sky, like fireworks. Then fire, like fireworks.

It didn't matter where I went today. It didn't matter what I did. Everywhere I went, I was surrounded by a beautiful sky.

The day was lazy, from start to finish.

Once I got going, I found myself surrounded by the most loving people, and the most beautiful sky.

Part I: Anne's house.

I love that family. Every single one of them.

Part II: Robin's house. Equally lovely. Never enough time with Robin.

Everywhere I went today, regardless of the crazy, sweat-inducing, sweltering heat, I was surrounded by clouds and sun that mixed into a tasty creation that became a breathtaking sky.

Then I got home.

I had no intention of getting involved with anything having to do with fireworks.

So I made a fire of my own.

What a craptastic idea, you might say! It's a bajillion degrees outside, even as the hot day turns into a tepid night, and you make a freaking fire!

That's exactly what I did.

And I watched it for hours.

I took a ton of pictures.

I just watched it.

I have no ocean nearby, and a fire is just as hypnotic.

So as the BOOM BOOM was booming all around me tonight, I was quiet, watching my beautiful fire.


Today was filled with friends, candid displays of color, just a touch of melancholy, lots of heat, and boundless, amazing works of fire.

It all started with a beautiful sky.

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