Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taking a break from fiction while enjoying the rain.

I used to have some little bad days.
I kept them in a little box.
And one day, I threw them out into the yard.
It's just a couple of innocent bad days.

Well, we had a big rain.

Don't plant your bad days.
They grow into weeks, they grow into months.
Before you know it, you've got yourself a bad year.
Tom Waits' preface to More Than Rain

As for my preface, let me just say that I love Tom Waits. If there were some kind of Make A Wish foundation for adults and I found myself its recipient, I'd make it my wish to see him in concert.

That being said...

The planting I did on Mother's Day paid off yesterday. I plucked my first zucchini.

The hollyhocks have spread like laughter after a good joke.

In all the years I've lived here, these flowers have never put on this kind of show. The tallest plant is a well over a foot taller than me.

I've harvested some decent tomatoes. I'm trying to decide what to do about a few items that may be weeds or may turn into something tasty.

I do a lot of weeding, but I leave some stuff alone. Because some plants may turn out to be delicious surprises.

I didn't plan my garden well. That's part of its charm.

Everything's so prolific right now. I'm sure it's because of the rain.

The rain's been torrential lately, every afternoon.

After mowing this morning, before the rain came again this afternoon, I noticed tonight that my lawn looks like Augusta. No more crusty brown spots.

I wanted to update my fiction tonight, but the outcome of last entry's envelope procurement has had me thinking.

I can't speak for other writers, but for me, much of the writing process takes place in my head. Like the produce we'll soon consume from my recently tentative garden, most of what I write is stuff that's spent lots of time germinating.

It's been a pleasant diversion; the garden, and the fiction.

And in addition to finding edible presents in my garden, I found this tasty spot on my blog site that let me know a few details that were previously illusory.

I've been counting my hits for a while. I've been chasing 20,000. But what I learned was that I surpassed my goal a while ago, without even knowing it.

According to what the blogspot tells me, I've had 22,982 hits. And those hits haven't sprouted just from my friends and family.

I have readers in India, Australia, the Netherlands, the U.K.

Of course I imagine there's some blogspot.com person who's trying to make me feel better by creating these unusual statistics. "Let's let her think she has a few readers in Sri Lanka! That will make her feel so very valued."

Apparently I do have a few Sri Lanka readers, if I believe the seed that's been planted.

Finding that odd aspect to my blog site was such a coolio bonus, as was the realization that I've had more hits than I thought I did.

Like rain to my garden, it keeps me going.

As for the fiction, I have a full day planned tomorrow, and I hope I get a chance to open the envelope to see what's coming next for Stella and Maisie. I've received some succulent feedback.

I think they'll be heading toward the coast. Or they might take a page out of my book tonight, and just relax where they are.

Maybe they'll enjoy the rain.

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