Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fluttering Franklins.

So. During my Real World day, I prepped my kitchen for its ensuing paint job. I worked from home for a while. I had a day comfortably spent in my head.

I did watch Catfish - a highly compelling documentary.

Despite my distractions, some of my time was spent wondering what would become of the mess I've made when it comes to these two women.

This is what I came up with as the thunder begins once again to rumble.

Time to take a break.

Maisie didn't tell Stella about the envelope right away.

They were driving toward Powell when she let Stella know what she'd stowed away so easily, so surreptitiously as they walked away, sated but stunned, from the buffet table that was cooked and presented, despite a lack of audience, in memory of Mrs. Clark Thompson.

"I took something back in Burlington."

Maisie said it sheepishly, almost like a confession.

It was starting to get dark and it had been a long day, so Stella's patience was less than stellar.

"What did you take and why did you take it." It was more of a statement than a question.

Stella wasn't particularly interested in the answer. She assumed Maisie was talking about a Kaiser roll or a handful of mints.

"I took this envelope off the table. I thought it might be a clue. A First Name clue."

Stella was instantly repulsed and energized. "Open it, damn it!"

Maisie curled her finger around the lip of the envelope's sticking point. She extracted a piece of paper, folded in thirds. When she opened the flaps, ten crisp $100 bills fluttered to the floor of the Dart.

"Christ," Maisie said it softly.

Then she read the letter.

"My Dearest Claudia:

I was crushed when I heard of your passing.

You and I both know I owed you this money, and so much more.

I salute you, and all we were, with one gunshot today.

My heart is broken.


"Well that stirs up a new pile of shit now, doesn't it?" Maisie said the words with bravado, despite the trickle of tears she brushed away.

"No one knows about this money but you and me, Maisie."

Stella's knuckles were white, clutching the wheel as she drove them to Powell.

"Let's sleep on it, Maisie," Stella said as she tried to fix a plan.

"Let's spend the night in Powell and work this through."

Maisie thought that was all she needed.

A good night's sleep.

It had been a long day.

She let Stella focus on the road to Powell as she gathered up the fluttering Franklins.

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