Sunday, February 7, 2010

Deep discounts. Discuss.

I can't remember the last time I went to a FBR (Full Blown Retail) store. I think it was a few years ago, when the spritzy thing on my bottle of perfume broke, and I returned the bottle for a new one. Perfume is one thing on which I'd prefer not to compromise. Calvin Klein Euphoria is exactly that, regardless of cost.

So, in knowing that some folks comparison shop between Macy's and Nordstrom, it's worthy to note that other people comparison shop between ARC and Goodwill.

It's not just me.

A friend of mine recently told me that her sister only shops at Goodwill on half-price days, because Goodwill is getting kind of pricey.

I could completely relate. I know that every Saturday is half-price day at ARC, and I think Goodwill does the half-price thing more whimsically, but they do the half-off days, too. Fyi, ARC is more expensive, generally, than Goodwill.

I know that Unique Thrift is 20% off everything on Mondays.

I know how it sounds. How pathetic, that thrift stores are visited more or less frequently simply based on the added discount. A pair of jeans is five bucks without the sale, for god's sake.

But it's a bit of an added bonus when the $5 of jeans, for which someone originally paid $40, is now 2.50. That translates into one word: SCORE.

Because not only have you purchased a perfectly good pair of jeans for less than a latte at Starbucks; someone's worn them in for you.

It's one of life's lovely gifts.

I use jeans as an example of what awaits at the thrift store on half-off days.

And it might sound completely ridiculous to those who whip out the ching for something straight off the rack; the poking around for the prize in the box.

But there's a conspicuous pleasure in finding a Talbot's or a J. Jill or an April Cornell for a couple of bucks that looks like it's never been washed or worn. Joke's on you, I say to the FBR crowd.

Of course it helps to recognize quality, but like the grocery store, Applebees or the multi-plex, there's something for everybody at the thrift store.

So much the better if it's half off.

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