Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Okay, so it's new to me.

Ah ha! I figured out how to download a photo, and now there's no stopping me!

I got my ballerina lamp a few weeks ago. I'd received an email from an estate sale company that a sale was coming up, and one of the pictures they posted of the stuff they'd be selling at the estate sale was this lamp.

I loved it when I saw it on the email, but I figured it would be way out of my league price-wise. Plus, I figured the earlybirds who line up for estate sales would have snatched this lovely lady up right away.

Thank god for snowstorms.

The weather was awful that particular Thursday. We'd had a very icy/snowy night before, and the roads were like glass.

My sister came over to my house so that we could sale together, and she was late. She's late from time to time, but she was late that day because she'd been in a slight accident. Damned snow.

Or is it?

I drove downtown to the estate sale, and by the time we were on the road, the streets were melting. The sale wasn't particularly well attended, and I'm sure the roads were why.

But back to the lamp.

It was on the third floor of a very large Victorian house downtown. I was surprised at how BIG it is! The body itself, without the shade, is about 2 feet tall. Interestingly, the inscription N.Y. STATUARY 1951 is imprinted into the plaster.

I've done all kinds of searches for any information on NY Statuary, but haven't come up with a thing. It's not that I want to resell the lamp - I love it!! I just wanted to know a bit of its history.

With or without backstory, I love this lamp.

And now that I know how to do this picture thing, I'll be posting other priceless personal favorites and total scores I've found in my travels. Stay tuned!!

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