Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skipping it.

And yet, I'm not.

I vow to blog every day. And today, I don't have much to say.

Day two of my two days off, I treated myself to skipping most of my responsibilities today, and I did - for the most part - what I felt like doing today.

I felt kind of guilty.

There are closets to clean, surfaces to scrape. There are floors that remain crunchy. I skipped the cleaning today. For the most part.

But there were some early accomplishments, like finding my youngest son's birth certificate. I thought it would take much longer than it did. Found it first thing, after having hunted extensively a few days ago.

Maybe skipping it all was my reward.

I did go to the post office.

I did grocery shop. And before grocery shopping, I did hit the Goodwill briefly, just before the grocery store. I did find a very cool piece of chalkware for two bucks that's probably worth some ching. We'll see.

And after I did the grocery store, at which I purchased Pledge, I did dust my furniture.

I did do some picking up and dropping off and picking up again of children.

And I did make dinner.

Oh. And I did work on my bowling pin lady. Photos to follow, maybe tomorrow.

So I guess it just felt like I was skipping it.

Back to working at the real job tomorrow.

But today, I enjoyed taking it easy.

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