Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Setting them up to knock them down

So I wanted some more bowling pins, seeing that I so enjoy decorating them (see previous post). I checked on ebay, and pins go for +/- 15 bucks.

A piece.

Decorating the pin is therapy to me; not major outlay of capital. I want to continue my crafty craft of decorating pins to look like fancy sparkly people. So I went to the only other source I could think of to get a pin fix.


There was a posting, about a week old, advertising bowling pins for sale. So I called, and apparently this woman inherited a crap-ton of regulation bowling pins from her kid's school's PTA, post-fundraiser. The PTA was going to throw them all out if she didn't take them. And as if the bowling pins were a litter of puppies, she felt attached and obliged, and now she has a gaggle of bowling pins boxed up in her garage.

And she's selling them for a buck a piece.

I'm picking up 40 of them tomorrow.

Call me crazy, but whatever pins I don't decorate, I can resell. For more than a buck a piece.

Ah, the crazy circle of life.

I'll have pins to spare. For a while. Maybe.


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