Saturday, February 27, 2010

I loved this day.

So first, I'll start with a photo.

I got this totally cool lamp at Goodwill for 19.99, but to coin a phrase, to me, it's priceless. I love the irony - the fact that it isn't capable of throwing light. Mr. Fabulous and I did buy all the bits and pieces to make this lamp work, but its presence is just enough. You be the judge:

Isn't that cool?

So as for today....

I must blog. It's my personal duty. So here it is.

Mr. Fabulous and I had every intention of going to the art museum today. After a late start, we hit my route.

Goodwill on Broadway. Just a couple of things were found - Mr. Fab got a cool pan and an even more cool chair, which I intend to mount on a wall at some point. Most likely a wall in my basement, as I have no real area on my walls upstairs onto which to mount this chair. Yes, I intend to mount the chair on a wall, not on a floor. Photos will follow, once I find the ideal wall for the chair to land.

Then Neighborly Thrift. Nothing.

Then ARC. A couple of items, then we were out of there.

Then it was lunch time, apparently. Mr. Fab loves  the #5 at Bonnie Brae, so we had a tasty luncheon.

The art museum, at this point, was out of the question. It wasn't going to go away, we postulated. So we made dinner plans with our groovy pals, Phil and Christine, and did stuff between now and that point.

It involved more thrifting down Colfax, as well as some time spent at Twist and Shout. Albums were purchased.

I love spending time with Mr. Fabulous. We have so much fun together. So much laughter.

Then we met Phil and Christine, and her lovely mom, their kids. We wound up having some Thai and conversation. They're so cool.

Now we're relaxing.

I loved this day.

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  1. I am IN LOVE with the lamp. I've been wanting/needing something fantastic like that for my room. I honestly believe it will make me keep my room cleaner and/or make me do homework at my desk. Heh.