Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Danger, Will Robinson! Compost material at 12 o'clock!

Spring is in the air here in Colorado, despite the forecast for snow on Friday. Little green buds are sprouting, and the garden area looks almost ready to roto-till. After a winter of lawn avoidance, the abundance of 'matter' created by my two dogs has been located and discarded.

Didn't I dance around that stinky subject elegantly?

In any case, it's time to get prepared to do some outdoor planting. And my composter, which has a distinct resemblance to the robot from Lost in Space, is about to be served.

The composter is located in the northwest corner of my lawn. I pooh-poohed, so to speak, the idea of composting over the winter. I blame it on my dogs, their byproducts, and the northern exposure. It was an icy, trecherous path.

I guess that makes me a fair weather recycler.

Call me names, but the past is over, it's spring again, and it's time to compost.

And plant. And play Frisbee. And mow.

And compost.

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