Friday, March 5, 2010

The genesis of Virgin Mary

I started my Virgin Mary pin yesterday. I'd spray painted it a flesh color a few days prior, and hadn't had a chance to do anything but think about what I wanted to do.

I think a few days off will translate into all this random, relaxing time, and it never seems to happen.

But yesterday, late in the afternoon, I had some time. So here's what I came up with so far. View one is straight on, as if we were staring into the Madonna's sparkly eyes:
It's hard to tell what her arms look like, but they're made of heavy metal, and at the end of each, where her hands would be, are crosses. Super cool.

I started at the bottom, more methodically than I started my first project. I think the Virgin Mother requires design with just a bit of order. Here's a closer look at her ample lower section:

I thought it was appropriate to include a vintage ticket of Graceland on her side. I got some Mod Podge yesterday, and slathered the Graceland paper with the magical goo, on both sides.

The Mod Podge people really need to rethink their logo. It's so freakishly 1970s dated. But I guess we folk who use Mod Podge are the types who understand and appreciate the kitsch of decoupage.

And here's a side view.

Obviously I have a long way to go. But I have faith.

And thanks to lovely Sue from work, I have two sets of rosary beads that will find their way to this piece sooner or later.

And I have a teeny faux gold creche that's going on this pin as well.

I don't think I'll have time to decorate this pin for a while. I could have definitely used some spiritual distraction today.

The day started out well enough. Logan made an amazing brunch for a bunch of friends today, and it was so refreshing to be the fly on the wall. I was the fly cleaning the kitchen while they ate around the dining room table.

I was glad to do it. The atmosphere wasn't mine - it was theirs. And it was so interesting, listening to table conversation among my kids and their friends. It was all so civilized, and I hope I was some sort of influence. I love to entertain, and it seemed the boys were recreating a moment with their friends that I've done so many times.

This time, they were the hosts and I was a tertiary element. I was pleased to be in that position, just a parental fly with an ability to load the dishwasher.

Now both boys are tired from lack of sleep, and both have felt free to delve into the murky depths of several layers of adolescent emotion.

Sometimes the discordance wrings me out like a wet sponge.

So, at present, I could drag out all of the Virgin Mary items and get busy. But it's been a productive day already, and I have evening plans that start in an hour or so.

And I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea of them leaving for the weekend.

I do miss them when they leave to spend weekends with their dad, despite their occasional angst.

In addition to the imminent departure, I'm trying to get my mental and physical house in order to get set for going back to work after a few days off. After I'm done here, it's laundry time.

Someone broke a glass in the kitchen during brunch prep, and I need to sweep and mop the kitchen floor.

All in less than an hour.

Mother Mary, give me strength....

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