Sunday, March 14, 2010

You take first class, I'll take Coach.

So among our many errands and accomplishments yesterday, Mr. Fabulous and I hit the Goodwill Outlet, known to us as the bins.

You may recall from a previous blog that the recently opened Goodwill Outlet features nothing but bins and bins of merch that didn't sell in their stores. So it's the call from the governor at midnight for these items. Last chance.

And Mr. Fab and I completely SCORED yesterday! We couldn't believe what we found! As you can see in the photo, I found this fabulous Coach handbag - no issues, very large, holds all my stuff, nice interior pockets - the only issue is a bit of corner scuffing, which you can see.

I also found a super-fine Tumi handbag. I didn't know much about this brand, but I looked up the style, and it retails for a hundred or so. It even has an interior heavy metal tag with a bar code, with instructions to scan the bar code if the purse is lost and it will be returned to its owner. Amazing! And double-cool is that it's in great condition!

I got a vintage melmac bowl, a couple of books and few other items.

Here's what Mr. Fab got - a patch cord for the ipod, a very timely Kiss Me I'm Irish baseball cap, a pair of black Levi jeans in fabulous condition, brand new towels, workin' man kneepads, washing machine hoses, a blanket, some computer software, a pair of leather Merrell shoes, and he got some books, too.

And what did we spend? Altogether, we spent $28.

We'll use everything we got, and it was so much fun poking through the bins - I couldn't believe it when I found my Coach.

I think I made a kind of "woo hoo!" sound.


  1. Wow! That is a good haul. My sister and I went today and were kinda disappointed with the bins. I did find an old atlas and an MGM Tom and Jerry book but I was really hoping to find more. Maybe next time. : )

  2. It really is a crap shoot, the bins. We commented as we left that we must have found every good thing in the place. Kind of like bank robbery, in the thrift kind of way.