Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Table of contents

It's been a dry spell. This table represents my thrifting success as of late:

I haven't found much worth buying these past few weeks. I think it may be due to the calendar, partially. Folks classically brace for the typhoon of tax time right about now.

This dearth has compelled me to plot my course a bit differently lately.

To preface, here's what I like to do. I like to buy something for a few bucks and resell it for a profit that's very tidy. Lately, thrift stores seem to be pricing their items as if they're full blown retail stores, which they're not.

As a case in point, last week my sister and I hit a thrift store, and I saw a cool, substantially crafted ice cream scoop. Not an old one, particularly, and it wasn't marked with the logo of any maker per se. They  wanted 4.99.

I most likely could have purchased a brand new ice cream scoop for less.

I understand that the concept of currency has been turned on its head recently. We've all been incrementally conditioned to become increasingly comfortable with the fact that it takes a whole lot more money than it used to simply to stock the fridge, fill up the car with gas, go to a movie.

And I'm thinking that reality has seeped into the world of thrift.

Like a virus that becomes a plague, this high pricing mayhem hasn't seeped into every corner of the thrifting world - yet.

So many more people are thrifting now than in the recent past. It's not shocking, what with the economy. So maybe this empty table of contents is simply because there are more people at the party, picking away at the caviar. I'm no economist, but I'm fairly certain that supply and demand drives pricing.

I'd just like to see a table of contents that didn't price itself out of the market.

***And for those of you who may wonder about the outcome of a previous post regarding Gigi and her daughters, spring break and Glenwood, the jury's in. Gigi and her girls can join us for a couple of days, but a big stupid rock slide up the mountain may change our destination. Damn. Fun will be had, wherever we land.

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