Monday, March 8, 2010

Unnecessary roughness.

This is my son Logan. He's 14. He doesn't always look so petulant. He wears it on the inside, usually.

And I have another son. Connor will be 17 in a couple of months. This is him, and this picture was taken last year. He's become taller, older and sassier since this photo was taken:

Their interpersonal relationship is like these two photos. Separate.

They bicker, a lot.

I try to keep it in context, the bickering. I have a sister, we didn't get along when we were kids, and now we almost never want to kill each other.

And I don't think my boys-to-men offspring want to kill each other, either. They don't spar, slap or kick. They just have this attitude.

It's so much fun to be around.

Therein lies my current conundrum. Connor, Logan and I have made it a practice for the past few years to take a few days of their spring break and head up to Glenwood Springs. We've always gone with my friend Gigi and her two daughters.

This year, we're still on the fence. Gigi doesn't know if she has the time off.

And I don't know if I want to go to Glenwood without Gigi and her daughters.

Gigi and her daughters are fun. Gigi's a fabulous traveling friend for me, and her daughters are friends with my sons. So everybody's happy.

And in an attempt to tie this entry into the realm of dollar-consciousness, I don't think (in my present state of mind, taking the rough-hewn nature of how my sons get along) I'd enjoy spending hundreds of dollars and a few days without Gigi and her daughters.

Spring break should be fun, right?

Is it just me? Am I being selfish here?

I know my boys are almost done with having me as their primary resource, and it hurts my heart a little, because I love them both so much. I know this stuff they throw at each other (metaphorically) is what siblings do. I know I should embrace each moment, good or bad, that I can spend with my kids.

But I sure hope Gigi and her girls can join us in Glenwood.

Because at this stage of the game, just thinking about the unnecessary roughness they might put me in the middle of if we go it alone to Glenwood makes me want to stay home and save the ching.

I guess this is what growing up is all about.

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