Monday, March 15, 2010

I think too much. But I like my soap dish, regardless.

For some reason, I gravitate toward odd artwork and home accents that have an animal theme. If you've read one of my previous blogs, you saw the dog in the cage by my front door.

And this little pair of pooches holds my soap in the bathroom.

Here's another view:

They're such obedient doggies. And they're so very functional.

Function is another important element of what I tend to like. As we've established, I don't particularly like to clean. And dusting falls under the umbrella of cleaning, so I prefer to purchase multi-functional items.

I'm no psychologist, but maybe I choose functional items because their usefulness justifies buying the oddities with which I surround myself.

But let's not over-think it. Some cool stuff is just too good to pass up.

As for my soap dish, I imagine that the pair of pooches in my powder room perhaps once held business cards at a veterinary office.

You've got to wonder - what was going through the minds of the folks who originally came up with the idea of designing two dogs holding a tray in their mouths? How did they sell it to their bosses, their money men? Who came up with the highly detailed mold? Did they think to themselves, Eureka! This 'dogs holding a tray in their mouths' idea is going to make me a millionaire! 

I haven't seen this item, which I choose to use as a soap dish, anywhere else. That's not to say it's ultra-exclusive. It may be that this concept was someone's pipe dream, someone's Million Dollar Idea that eventually wound up in my bathroom.

Oh no. I think I'm over-thinking it again.

I do like the animal art. It's not to the level of collecting little porcelain miniatures of one particular breed in such profusion that my collection requires a shelf, or, God forbid, shelving.

I guess if I were to over-think it, I like incongruity. And typically, the animal art I enjoy puts animals in positions they couldn't possibly get themselves into in real life.

Like two dogs facing each other obediently, holding a tray in their mouths. That would never happen.

Therein lies the charm.

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