Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Time, Day Seven: On the 7th day she rested, and it was good.

Today I've reached the One Week mark when it comes to this Free Time project.

And I had to take a day off.

No trolling the craigslist today. No moving of furniture. Nothing palpable.

But the wheels continue to spin in my noggin, and my brain is consumed with the next step. Because I think I've accumulated enough to nicely furnish a house.

A modest house. Let's be clear. Whoever will be needing the items I've collected won't probably have an overabundance of square footage.

Let's review.

There are two matching leather chairs. Their color, espresso. I'm actually quite covetous of this pair.

A large coffee table, made of heavy oak. It's about 4'x4' square.

A sleeper sofa that's still in my garage.

Poof! It's a living room!

There's the kitchen/dining room table, made in Italy. Two barrel-back wooden chairs to match. Two high stools. A baker's rack, for incidentals. Pots and pans, utensils, a toaster oven. Some dishes.

Blam! Welcome to the kitchen!

There's a queen sized bed, almost new. A very cool wicker dresser. A side table and brand new lamp. A nice little desk.

Kazaam! A bedroom!

As for what gets hung on the walls, I don't really feel that it's appropriate to look for artwork on craigslist. Buying art for others is impossible. It's like buying underpants, shoes or panty hose, if people still actually still wear panty hose. Some things are better chosen by the end-user.

There are a few other items I'll most likely continue to look for, but today was less about acquisition and more about catching up on the rest of my life. I turned the Free Time project from boil to simmer while I took care of some other business.

I went to the grocery store. I got gas, before the impending snowstorm. I organized stuff for my kids. Cleaned the house. Did laundry. Went to the post office. A dizzying list. Compelling and fascinating, I know.

Essentially, I spent the day getting prepped for going back to my real job tomorrow, which will take me out of the loop until next Thursday.

So much for free time.

But I'm not done!

I still need to find someone who can use what I've found!

The wheels were spinning in my head as I was traveling around town today, dealing with the details of my real life.

This entire project has been touched by serendipity thus far. So I have a feeling I'll find someone when it's time, hopefully long before the lease on my storage space hits its 30-day mark.

But when it comes to right now, it's time to step back, take a breath and plan my next move.

Tomorrow I'm back on the wheel. My days off for holidays and the kids' winter break and tasty Free Time are over. It's back to work time.

So tonight, I'm going to let my project cook slowly while I take the evening off.

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