Sunday, January 16, 2011

Free Time: Managing the details.

After yesterday's meeting with Michelle and Chantrice, I realized today that I still have a bit of work to do before I'm done with this particular kind of Free Time and I can transition back to what my free time felt like a few weeks ago.

I need to rally the troops, but I think we have enough people and vehicles to move these home furnishings from my storage area to Chantrice's apartment. Me, my kids, Mr. Fabulous, Michelle, Chantrice, maybe my friend Cara, maybe a few other folks.

I work at my real job tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is planning day, Friday is Moving Day.

I'm sure everything will go off without a hitch.

I hope I'm sure.

Today I wish I had a bit more energy to write about how much I admire Chantrice. I'd love to go into greater detail about her life. But I'm tired. I'll get rejuvenated tomorrow.

As for today, I've been thinking about yesterday. My meeting with Michelle and Chantrice was the beginning of the end of this Free Time endeavor, and I hope the result of this crazy 'let's see if I can find a house-full of free stuff on craigslist' experiment makes Chantrice's world a bit more comfortable.

Because I really feel like I chose the right person. I'm impressed by Chantrice's spirit. She's a very smart woman. She thinks like a winner; not like a victim. She has a beautiful smile, a charming cadence. And her daughter Myasia, who will be 1 on Wednesday, is precious.

Interwoven in their personal details is the reality of the difficulties we all have the potential to face, and the strength with which we choose to react.

Details can be daunting. But keeping mindful of the goal makes the details seem a bit more manageable.

I'm sure of that.

At least I hope I'm sure.

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