Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Time, Day Eight: No rest for the wicked.

What does someone do with a house-full of great stuff that has nowhere to go?

I don't know.

I took a day off yesterday from writing the blog. Hell - I'd been blogging three or four times a month prior to this point, and I felt like something was missing yesterday when I didn't crank out an entry.

I've noticed that the site's received a whole lot of hits in the past week or so.

And lately, I've been so absorbed with the balancing of work life versus real life, experiment versus reality.

But it's cool, all the hits, regardless of who's hitting.

In any case, the experiment continues, regardless of the day off.

And was it a day off? Not so much.

I went to my real job today, despite the inclement weather. While I was at my real job, my friend Cara called to let me know that she and Patrick have a dining room set to contribute. And a bed.

I have no imagery of the bed, but we all can imagine what a queen sized bed looks like. Obviously, it's Fit for a Queen.

But here's what the dining room set looks like. It's a totally fabulous drop-leaf table, with four matching chairs. The whole set has a retro-cool vibe.

This set is just like the leather chairs that are sitting in my storage area, waiting for a recipient. I'm kind of jealous. I'd totally put this in my house.

It was crazy-ass snowy today, and despite the good intentions of Cara, Patrick and Mr. Fabulous, today was not the day to haul stuff to the storage area.

So despite their good intentions, this set is in my garage, as is the sofa I've mentioned, waiting for a new home.

I have to work at my real job; tomorrow at home, on-site on Tuesday. I'm slated to be way across town on Tuesday morning at 7 am. Sounds unpleasant, considering the crappy-ass crapload of snow that's been falling, and will apparently continue to fall between now and then.

And I'd like my garage to be free of furniture by tomorrow at some point. Whether these items are nicely stowed in the storage unit or covered on my back porch, I'd like to know that I can slide my car into the garage before I have to go to work on Tuesday morning at dawn's crack. I'll have to leave by 6 am at the latest on Tuesday, based on the most recent weather report. And I'll have to make sure both my kids are up before I leave.

I hate that part; the making sure everyone is where they need to be when I have to be somewhere else.

But I'm sure, not unlike this entire project, that everything will work as it should.

Everyone loves a conclusion. I want one, when it comes to who receives the cool stuff I've been finding.

And I want a concise conclusion when it comes to the ease with which I'll get to my job at the ungodly hour of 7 am on Tuesday; a day that portends frigid weather and crappy road conditions.

I hope my car gets into the garage tomorrow. That's my goal.

Seems simple enough.

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