Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free Time: Planning Friday's moving party.

I'm now done with my real job until Saturday. And after untethering from my cozy work bunker this afternoon, I dotted a few Is and crossed a few Ts in preparation for Friday.

Because I'd hate for anything to fall through the cracks. Reference several of my past blogs (i.e.,, or maybe and you'll understand that I may have a reason for this heightened need to prepare.

We're moving all the stuff from the storage area to Chantrice's new home on Friday afternoon. I currently have two trucks lined up, but we have a lot of bulky stuff. I think I need a third truck.

But I do think we have enough person-power.

I talked with Chantrice today, just to make sure everything's okay on her end.

I left a message with Corey from Channel 9. They're going to do a wrap-up story.

So, like making a grocery list before hosting a dinner party, I'm trying to make sure I'll have all the necessary ingredients for the final Free Time fete this Friday.

Today I am metaphorically preheating the oven.

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