Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cents and Sensibility, Day 12. Let's get fresh.

It's been almost two weeks since I darkened the door of Safeway, and even though our inventory could have gone a bit longer without a burst of freshness, I went to the grocery store after work this afternoon.

We were shy on fresh stuff, so it was time to spend just a splash of money.

This is what I bought today.

Let's pretend this is a garden variety version of a kindergarden class photo and go from left to right.

Back row: a dozen tomatoes, five pounds of wheat flour, two gallons of milk, eight gala apples, five bananas.

Middle row: ten pounds of potatoes, a completely indulgent Red Bull, green seedless grapes and a whole bunch of kiwi.

Front row: three cucumbers, raspberries and blueberries.

And what did I spend on this tabletop of tasty delights?


That kicks up the amount I've spent on this project, just a scant notch. As I mentioned yesterday, I spent 365.87 before starting this project on June 1.

Now I've spent 409.23.

So instead of spending 12.20 per day owing for a 30-day month, we've now spent 13.64 per day, if indeed we don't spend anything else for another two weeks and some change.

That's still a pretty decent average.

And I still have a half a tank of gas, after 12 days.

Like dropping a clothing size without really trying too hard, I can't believe how easy it's been to keep my car in the garage, to not go anywhere I feel like at whim.

Yes, I spent a bit of money today. But we're still all in when it comes to this project. I've already been schooled - I thought the gas would be among the first things to disappear.

But it was fresh items. I was amazed at how many healthy items I bought, and how little it cost.

It was an instructional field trip, this outing to Safeway today. The volume of items I purchased pokes a tiny hole in the argument that folks can't make healthy choices on the cheap.

I bought enough stuff to last us quite a while, for less than it would cost to take my family out to dinner, once.


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