Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cents and Sensibility, Day 4. Never a dull moment.

I could go on and on about how this day's been, but I don't have a lot of time. I'm having friends over for dinner, and they'll be here in about an hour.

So here's a recap.

Dinner with Gigi last night was great. We relaxed on her back porch and chatted over a tasty dinner of fish, rice and spinach. Of course the wine was white.

Then we watched 127 Hours. Nothing bad about watching James Franco for an hour and a half, even if he was in a bit of a pickle.

There are no kids here today. Both boys spent the night with their dad. I love my kids, but it's been so nice having the day to myself.

Before the day got too hot, I walked up to the post office. I bought 100 super-cool vintage bingo cards for 4.99 last week at the Bins, and they sold on ebay yesterday for $52. The buyer paid me right away, so I thought I'd return the favor and mail them right away.

This picture shows just 50 of the cards. I boxed up all 100 and thought long and hard about driving this box up to the post office.

But I decided today was not a driving day. I walked the 1/2 mile with a clumsy, heavy box, which weighed in at 16 pounds, 5 ounces.

The walk home was much more enjoyable.

I've spent the rest of the day here, trying to do a few things around the house that I usually actively avoid. I won't go into detail, but there was never a dull moment. Primarily, my tasks involved washing all manner of things. Clothes, floors, flat surfaces, etc.

Early this afternoon, I figured I needed a break.

I'd have liked to have treated myself to a movie in a cool theater after all the hard labor I put in around the house today. I wanted to see Hangover 2.

Go ahead. Judge me. Everyone has their guilty pleasures, and I happen to enjoy the occasional bromance.

But I didn't want to dip into my $20. And seeing a movie at a theater would have significantly cut into my funds.

So I watched the 1945 movie Mildred Pierce that I got from Netflix the other day.

I've never been a huge fan of Joan Crawford, but admittedly, I hadn't seen many of her movies. The most I knew about her was that she had a general aversion to wire hangers.

Mildred Pierce is such a relatable, stylized, fabulous nugget of noir. And Joan Crawford rocked it. The movie's over 60 years old, and was made at a time when women were portrayed in film as more of a silly accessory than a pillar of strength. It's a great movie on so many levels. If you watch it, I'm sure you'll notice all the cool shadows.

So it seems that watching movies is my outlet lately. Netflix sends them to me as fast as I can watch them, and I'm taking full advantage.

But no movies tonight. Tonight is dinner with friends, and I'm looking forward to it. Logan's not home, so I'll have to figure out how to make a London Broil.

That sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to do today.

But I did keep the car in the garage. I actually made a few bucks. My house is cleaner than it was. I saw some great movies. I had a day of contented solitude.

I think I'm finally relaxing into this project.

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