Friday, June 3, 2011

Cents and Sensibility, Day 3. Give me a shot of People. Make it a double.

I feel less claustrophobic today. I felt less tied to the limits of this project. Today I saw the limits less like they're a punishment. Perhaps I've risen from the murky sea of yesterday's wave of dystopia.

Because I did a bit of driving.

I had to do it. I had to drive.

I cranked up my work computer at dawn's crack, and I got nothin'.

So I did the typical things; I rebooted, tried again, rebooted. I unplugged the router, replugged.

Eventually, I knew I had to go into my job instead of working remotely. So I changed from jeans and a t-shirt to business casual and got to work a bit before 8 am.

Once I was nicely tucked in, I chatted with my coworkers, one of whom had experienced the same problem I'd had earlier this morning. She suggested turning everything off at the source. The power source.

The one thing I didn't do was the one thing that fixed the problem.

But let's look on the bright side. Problem solved. So I headed home mid-day. I could have stayed at work until 5, but I figured I'd spend a lot less time and gas mid-day than I would during rush hour. So I drove home, crawled back into my jeans and worked remotely the rest of the day.

My car's gas gauge did move a bit to the left of F by the time I got home, though.

I drove 32 miles today, back and forth from work.

I'd put nine miles on my car between Tuesday night and this morning. After today's welcomed misadventures, I've driven 41 miles since this project began.

Which is not a bad thing.

Because today I needed a shot of People. It was so nice to see Lois, Lynn and Nicole at work. After yesterday, going to work was a welcomed diversion.

We haven't had anyone over for dinner this week, and I think I've been going through a bit of a withdrawal. Because of the uncharacteristic solitude, our cupboard and fridge haven't seen much of an impact from this project thus far.

Logan's spent his extra time making cookies, potato latkes and of course the tart that was yesterday's breakfast, none of which I even got to sample, other than a slice of tart.

I know we don't have enough fruit. I felt a bit guilty having a banana and and apple today.

Logan's racing through the Diet Coke. I'm convinced he hasn't tempered his consumption in the slightest. So his soda end game is coming soon.

Just as I predicted.

And I still have my $20 walking-around money, somewhere. I think it might be in the pocket of a pair of jeans.

I really haven't thought about spending money since we battened down the hatches on the spending Tuesday afternoon.

Tonight I'll drive nine more miles. I'm going to Gigi's for dinner and a walkies.

Sometimes, like earlier today and this evening, I think a shot of face time with people takes the edge off the dystopia.

But I'd hate to self-diagnose.

It's a too bit early for that.

Because I have the weekend off.

Typically, I spend my weekends off very lusciously going wherever want, untethered by obligation, unthinkingly burning through the decadent triad of gas, money and time.

I think I'll have more of the latter on my hands this weekend. And today, that's perfectly fine.

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