Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cents and Sensibility, Day 8. Short and sweet.

I'll try to keep it short today.

I got up early. Big surprise.

I took a monster-long walk before working from 8 to 2 from home.

I really looked at my neighborhood this morning, and like paging through an old photo album, I let myself notice all the comfortable, familiar things, and I opined about what's changed.

Wild bunnies weren't around when we moved here 19 years ago.

Another Mary Anderson used to live down the street, but she's moved away. She was so sweet.

I walked by our neighborhood pool, and thought about all the sweat equity I put into that summer venture a handful of years ago.

It's good to look up occasionally, just to take notice.

I downloaded the coolest Elvis song. Such a Night. It's a tasty slice of Mr. Presley's song stylings that I'd never heard before. There's a lot of bouncy early Elvis doo-waa singing in the background, but his talent is so raw and fresh in that song.

It was so nice to trip across Such a Night today

It compelled me to remember why people call him the King.

Then it was work time.

The kids went to their dad's for dinner shortly after I was done with work.

Then I weeded the garden. Arugula's going nuts. Bib's off the chain. Spinach is making a valiant effort.

As are the weeds.

I watched Jack Goes Boating on netflix. What a great movie, filled with sweet, wounded, tender, tentative characters.

No money spent, no gas burned again today.

Now it's time to relax. And like this day's been so far, I'm keeping it short and sweet.

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