Monday, June 6, 2011

Cents and Sensibility, Day 6. Tell me why I don't like Mondays?

Tonight was this summer's first Peasants Feast.

We started this weekly dinner idea last summer, and it quickly became a highlight.

So what's a Peasants Feast, you ask?

The Feasts take place over the summer. We come up with a theme, and whoever comes over for dinner brings a food item to fit the theme.

The kids invite their friends and I invite mine.

And tonight's summer Peasants Feast Kickoff theme: S is for Summer. Everyone brought a dish that started with the letter S.

Tonight we had several salads, sausage and sauerkraut, string beans, salsa and strawberry shortcake. We provided spicy chicken, which is a bit of a thematic stretch, but it was delicious.

Tonight's Peasants Feast was so fun, and it once again proved that everything's better when it's shared.

A Feast at home with friends also fits nicely with the project, as did this day. I worked from home until 4 pm, and the Feast began at 6 pm.

It started right on time, with Logan's friends. They had their time on the porch, they played a brisk game of lap tag. Connor and Jenny arrived. We chatted. They socialized.

Connor fixed the swamp cooler, which has been blowing nothing but hot air lately.

The grown-ups showed up a bit past 6. No rules to the Feast. Different people went on various walks in the dark to assorted places, and in the meantime, the conversation evolved in the shape of comfortable quadrangles.

A hot day gladly changed into a cool night. We flipped on the music and the twinkly lights.

Delicious foods and rich conversation were eagerly shared.

No gas burned, no money spent, again today.

Today was a welcomed, relaxing treat; a day and an evening of tasty combinations.

Last year, we had Peasants Feasts on Thursdays. This year, we decided to move the Feasts to Monday night.

I'm beginning to like Mondays a lot.

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