Monday, June 13, 2011

Cents and Sensibility, Day 13. Around the world in a day.

As you may have read last week, we have a weekly Peasants Feast over the summer. It gives the kids a chance to get together with their friends, and I get the opportunity to see mine, too. 

We pick a theme, and everyone brings a food item to fit the theme.

And I thought it was time for a vacation. Not a real one - this project's keeping me close to home. The next best thing? A culinary vacation!

So everyone brought items with a place in its name. Here's what we had for dinner tonight: Greek salad, Belgian waffles, Kentucky Fried Chicken, French toast casserole, an imaginative Douglas County curry, Swedish meatballs, French onion dip, Italian sausage, German chocolate cake...

And we washed all of this ooh-la-la-liciousness down with wines from across the globe. And Hawaiian Punch.

This week's Feast brought out the creativity in people.

And it was also nicely spiced with tasty conversation.

We had quite a turnout, with a swell balance of  'regulars', as well as some new Feast faces. A whole lot of kids were here, which was great.

We never know from week to week who's going to Feast with us, and that's the part I like the best.

Yes, it's great to put a spin on the idea of a pot luck, but the Feasts are so much more about the company than the food.

If a creative menu were a plane ticket, we'd have travelled across the globe tonight.

As was witnessed by the German chocolate cake.

And the Mountain Dew.

Our menu was diverse. Conversation was as abundant as the trans-continental items on the table.

And I'm thankful we were all right here.

One final word to punctuate to loveliness of Day 13 - no money spent, no gas burned.


  1. Mary, I looove this! Very creative!

  2. Thanks, Lynn! The Feasts are a bounty of fun!!