Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cents and Sensibility, Day 23. I made dinner. Which proves that everything's better with sriracha.

I did the cooking tonight. Very uncharacteristic. Sometimes, despite my track record for creating bland, uninteresting dishes, I feel there might be hope.

I started by cooking egg noodles. I defrosted a melange of frozen vegetables. Once the noodles and the veggies were done, I heated up some leftover chicken marinara sauce Logan made last week.

In goes the veggies, plop goes the noodles.

Stir it all up, and voila! A fabulous experiment in relatively bland cooking.

But virtually everything's better with the spicy-hot goodness of a few squirts of sriracha.

Everyone's elsewhere tonight, so I ate my noodle veggie dish while watching Breaking Bad.

It's all good.

As for the earlier part of the day, I went to an estate sale, bought a Burger King cheeseburger phone a la Juno (a mere $5), finally, after 23 days, I bought gas to the tune of $41, I had lunch with a friend ($10), bought Logan some dance gear ($26), enjoyed tea at Tres Jolie in downtown Littleton ($13), bought two birthday cards at Details (one for Robin and one for Anne - 7.50. What's up with that? Two birthday cards for 7.50?). This was an expensive day, but it was worth every penny.

Because a bit more attention was paid today.

A scant few weeks ago, I'd have thought nothing about the level of spending I did today.

I think I'm gaining a bit of perspective.

And based on tonight's dinner, I defer to Logan whenever possible when it comes to cooking.

Thank god for sriracha.

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